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Welcome to Including all Children and Families-Expanding Partnerships, an inclusive project for children and families in British Columbia, Canada.
Here, you’ll find information, materials, and resources geared toward caregivers, healthcare professionals, students, and educators of children who have been identified as vulnerable due to developmental delays, identified disabilities, or other challenges. We focus on assisting children from birth to age 12 years throughout BC, putting special focus on providing resources to families in rural, interior, and northern communities. We encourage you to explore our courses, questionnaires, research studies, materials, and online and other resources.
This project has been made possible through the assistance of Social Development Partnerships Program through the Government of Canada, and builds on our previous program, Social Inclusion Project for At-Risk Infants and Children1.

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  • Presentations uploaded! Assessment Conference 2015

    The description and presentations for the April 30th 13th Assessment Conference “Navigating the Assessment Process: Supporting Families and Learning from Their Perspectives” have been uploaded. You may access them directly through the hyperlink provided, or click on WORK AND RESEARCH, then ASSESSMENT WORKSHOPS, and 2015.  Enjoy!

  • Early Childhood Resource Book Available!

    ECE Naznin Dhanani’s resource book  for early childhood educators, health professionals and families: Early Childhood Development  &  Infancy Child Health Websites is now available for purchase. Information about the book and how to order available here: Early Child-Health Websites

  • Infant Development/Supported Child Development Summer Institute

    IECER presents the Infant Development and Supported Child Development (IDSC Program) Summer Institute: “TAKING YOUNG CHILDREN’S SLEEP SERIOUSLY: FROM RESEARCH TO PRACTICE” with Dr Wendy Hall, University of British Columbia. Course runs July 6 – 17 (AM) Register by May 25, 2015 For credit or non for credit (ECED 380A | ECED 565J | non-credit) […]

  • Early Childhood Education Summer Institute

    The Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research (IECER)  at UBC presents the course “PROMOTING PHYSICAL LITERACY THROUGH ACTIVE PLAY IN EARLY LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS” with Dr Amanda Froelich-Chow, University of Saskatchewan. Course runs daily July 6-17 (pm). Registration by May 25, 2015: Register for credit or non credit: ECED 480B | ECED 565F | non-credit ACADEMIC […]

  • Assessment Conference April 30, 2015

    Please see our registration  program for April 30’s event “Navigating the Assessment Process : Supporting Families and Learning from  Their Perspectives” at the Faculty of Education, N. Scarfe Building at UBC in Vancouver (2125 Main Mall) Assessment Day Conference Program 2015-to post Please feel free to email Mari Pighini (Mari.pighini@ubc.ca) for more information. The cost […]

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    Social Inclusion Project

    This website is part of the Social Development Partnerships Program (SDPP). SDPP, a federal program, is a partnership between the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) and the Infant Development Program of British Columbia (IDP). This website specifically addresses the subject of social inclusion for at-risk children and their families. It has become quite clear to us (through numerous meetings with parents of at risk children) that there is a great need for a model for a seamless continuum of services that would provide the parents of at risk children and the professionals who work with them with what they need in order to better serve these children. We have worked hard and collaborated with parents and professionals from a variety of disciplines (e.g. psychology, neonatology, developmental pediatrics and population health) in order to develop goals and objectives for this project.

    Please check our Assessment Workshops 2003-2012

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