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2005 Assessment Workshop

Assessing “School Readiness”: What Does it Mean to Children, Parents and Educators

This is the third annual pre-conference workshop prior to the 2005 Conference of the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC). As in previous years, the event was co-sponsored by the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), the Consortium for Health, Intervention, Learning and Development (CHILD), ECEBC, the Psychoeducational Research Training Centre at UBC (PRTC), and the Infant Development Programs of British Columbia (IDP of BC).

For the past three years, this workshop has been a very exciting, thought-provoking and stimulating day of presentations and discussions, this year reaching a total audience of 200 delegates, including parents and professionals interested in children from birth to 8 years of age. Professionals attending included preschool and elementary teachers, daycare and community-based health workers, infant development and supported child care consultants, among other professionals in early childhood development and early intervention.

This year’s topics and presenters were equally relevant and useful. We were honoured to have Clyde Hertzman, Director of the Human Early Learning Partnership, presenting the Opening Remarks, followed by this year’s keynote speaker, Dale Farran, of Vanderbilt College. Farran presented her data on a current longitudinal study of 500 children from preschool through Grade 1 who have been followed through kindergarten at the moment. Her analyses raise questions about what is chosen to measure in preschool development, and whether there are more fundamental skills/capabilities that are not being assessed. Finally, the workshop closed with apanel with parents and advocates in the discussion of the topic “How do parents of children with disabilities experience the transition from preschool to school? with a group of parents/advocates facilitated by William McKee, Director of the PRTC at UBC.

Once again, participants were enthusiastic in their rating of the workshop and voiced strong support for more workshops on the topic of assessment and practical intervention strategies for 0 – 8 years for the years to come.

We would like to thank:

ECEBC and their Board of Directors, in particular Diane Tannahill, (Acting) President, and Ann Silberman
Joyce Branscombe and Nicky Byres of EventAbility
Dana Brynelsen and the Provincial Advisor Office of IDP of BC
William McKee and The Psychoeducational Training Centre at UBC
Clyde Hertzman and staff from HELP and CHILD
…for their support and enthusiasm in presenting this exciting event
We gratefully acknowledge the administrative and logistical support provided by:
Lori Boerma, The Psychoeducational Training Centre, Faculty of Education, UBC
Shaun Tanassee , Sauder School of Business, UBC
Barbara Goyer and Eileen Grant, CHILD Project Coordinators with HELP
Sophia D’Amato, Wendy Li and Cheryl Rubiliak of HELP
D’Anne Rathie, Office of the Provincial Advisor, Infant Development Programs of BC
Warm thanks to our Volunteers:
Adi Amir, Martin Guhn, Vanessa Lapointe, Pam Neumann – graduate students, ECPS; and David Wu (HELP)
Linda Flanagan (ECED) and Sula Bedel Boxall from Kim Schonert-Reichl’s lab at UBC, Faculty of Education
David Wu, HELP
Presentations Speaker
Keynote Address: Assessing What We Can Versus What We Should: What Are The Most Important Things To Know About Young Children’s Development? Farran, Professor in the Departments of Teaching and Learning, Psychology and Human Development at Vanderbilt University, Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee.
How Do I Feel About Going To School? The Role of Emotions in Children’s School Readiness Kimberly Schonert-Reichl,
Faculty of Education, UBC
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education, UBC
Angela M. Jaramillo, Graduate Student, ECPS, Faculty of Education, UBC
Reconceptualizing Readiness: Reflections on Encounters With Reggio Emilia Iris Berger, Coordinator, Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research, U.B.C.Cristina Delgado, Pedagogista, EarlyChildhood Education Department, Capilano CollegeLaurie Kocher, Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research, U.B.C.
Physical Development And Motor Skills for School Readiness Kari Olesen, Physiotherapist, Vancouver Regional Pediatric TeamKanchan Pandy, Occupational Therapist, Vancouver Regional Pediatric Team
“School Readiness”: A Major Socio-Emotional Milestone in Family Life Cycle Pratibha Reebye, M.D.,Child Psychiatrist, Department of Child Psychiatry, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Vancouver
A Primer Of Tools Commonly Used In Assessing The Cognitive And Adaptive Skills of Young Children

A Primer Of Tools Commonly Used In Assessing The Cognitive And Adaptive Skills of Young Children Handout

Laurie Ford, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education, Faculty of Education, U.B.C.Carla Merkel, Graduate Student, School Psychology, U.B.C.
“School Readiness”: Implications for Practice In The Kindergarten YearNo presentation material availablePlease contact presenter at mfilipenko@telus.net Margot Filipenko, Faculty of Education, Department of Language and Literacy Education, UBC
“School Readiness” – Perspectives of Immigrant Families Mercedes Mande, M.A., Anthropology
Home, School And Community: A Working PartnershipNo presentation material availablePlease contact presenter: bonnierdakin@hotmail.com Bonnie Dakin, Primary Teacher, Vancouver School District
Montessori Education As An Aid To Life Caroline Loughran, Registrar and E.C.E. Coordinator, AMI Training Centre, VancouverJill Royall, Montessori Teacher, Board Member, Gatehouse Montessori School, West Vancouver
Speech, Language And Hearing: Are You Ready? Penelope Bacsfalvi, Speech-Language Pathologist, Ph.D. student, U.B.C.Barbara Bernhardt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Audiology and Speech Sciences, U.B.C.Paola Colozzo, Speech Language Pathologist, Ph.D. student, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, U.B.C.Stefka H. Marinova-Todd, Assistant Professor, Audiology and Speech Sciences, U.B.C.
Parent/Teacher-Directed Mediation For Learning: When The Onus Is On Us Marilou Carrillo, M.A. Speech- Language Pathologist, Vancouver School District
Aboriginal Perspectives On School ReadinessNo presentation material available
Please contact presenter Christine Burgess at csbontheroad@yahoo.ca

Christine Burgess, Regional Manager BC First Nations Head Start Program
Deanna Cook, Community Representative, BC First Nations Head Start Program, Splat’in Child Care SocietyLenora Joe, Community Representative, BC First Nations Head Start Program, SecheltMarion Mussell, Community Representative, BC First Nations Head Start Program, Sumas
Recognition of Developmental Risk: When to Watch and When to Act! Barbara Fitzgerald M.D. FRCP(C),
Developmental Pediatrician, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Clinical Assistant Professor, U.B.C. Dept. of Pediatrics

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