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2006 Assessment Workshop

Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Health: Assessment Tools, Research and Practice

This is the fourth year of this pre-conference workshop, held as a “track day” prior to the annual conference of the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC). This is a unique collaboration of parents, academics and professionals who work on behalf of young children in the public school, early childhood and health-related systems. The partners who are co-sponsoring the workshop are The Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC), The Infant Development Programs of BC (IDP), the Psychoeducational Resource and Training Centre (PRTC) at UBC, the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) and the CHILD Project, a five year interdisciplinary study of early child development.

This year’s event was an opportunity to once again share our knowledge and perspectives in order to provide ongoing support and information for early childhood professionals on the social and emotional health of children. We welcomed Ms. Jinny Sims, President of the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation, who presented our Opening Remarks, followed by Nancy Cohen, of the Hincks-Dellcrest Institute in Toronto, Ontario, this years’ keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Dr Cohen shared her extensive research in emotional development of young children through her programs “Handle with Care” and “Watch Wait and Wonder” –both focusing on the promotion and support of infant and young children’s mental health.
Workshop presenters included early childhood educators, professionals and therapists working in infant and children’s mental health, preschool community workers, elementary school teachers, paediatricians and university professors who shared their experiences and research on the different strategies used in the assessment of young children’s social and emotional development. The event concluded with a discussion panel on “Supporting Social and Emotional Health of Children Across Community Settings,” introduced by Dr William McKee and moderated by Dr Shelley Hymel, Faculty of Education at UBC. The panel had the participation of prominent government representatives and professionals representing institutions and community based agencies in the Lower Mainland in the area of early child development/education, including Vanessa Lapointe, Ministry of Children and Family Development; Carol Matusicky, B.C. Council forFamilies; Carol McGauley, Burnaby Ministry for Children and Family Development; Maureen O’Donnell, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children; Georgina Robinson, Vancouver School Board; and Diana Stewart, Langara Community College and ECEBC Board of Directors.

Participants strong ratings of the workshops have provided this Organizing Committee with invaluable feedback to already start planning for our 2007 Assessment Workshop event on the most recent trends on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary assessment and practical intervention strategies for children 0 – 8 years.

Please see the description and links to the presentations below.

We would like to thank:

ECEBC and their Board of Directors, in particular Diane Tannahill, (Acting) President, and Ann Silberman
Joyce Branscombe and Nicky Byres of EventAbility
Dana Brynelsen and the Provincial Advisor Office of IDP of BC
William McKee and The Psychoeducational Training Centre at UBC
Clyde Hertzman and staff from HELP and CHILD
…for their support and enthusiasm in presenting this exciting event
We gratefully acknowledge the administrative and logistical support provided by:
Lori Boerma, The Psychoeducational Training Centre, Faculty of Education, UBC
Shaun Tanassee , Sauder School of Business, UBC
Barbara Goyer, CHILD Project Coordinator with HELP
Sophia D’Amato, Lorraine Gibson and Kate Trafford, HELP
D’Anne Rathie, Office of the Provincial Advisor, Infant Development Programs of BC

Warm thanks to our enthusiastic and committed Volunteers:
Luz Nelly George, Out-of-School Program, Kinder Coordinator, SPG (Shaughnessi Point Grey Center), Hadas Av-Gay, Lina Darwich; Martin Guhn, Chiaki Konishi and Ann Tomlinson, ECPS, Faculty of Education, David Wu (HELP); Javier Landaeta, Mechatronics Program, School of Engineering, UBC
Presentations Speaker
Keynote Address:
Handle with Care: Strategies for Promoting the Mental Health of Young Children
Nancy Cohen, Ph.D.,
Hincks-Dellcrest Institute, Toronto,
Teaching Cognitive and Emotional Self-Regulation to Preschoolers & Assessing its BenefitsNo presentation available. Forthcoming publication on this topic to be announced
on this website.
Adele Diamond, Ph.D.,
Professor of Developmental Cognitive
Neuroscience, U.B.C.
Elena Bodrova, Ph.D. and Deborah Leong, Ph.D.,
Co-authors of Tools of the Mind.
Economic Games as an Assessment Tool for Children’s Moral Behaviour Michaela Gummerum, Post Doctoral
Fellow, The CHILD Project: Consortium of Health, Intervention,
Learning and Development, HELP, U.B.C.
Supporting Children & Families Struggling with Issues of Attachment & AnxietyNo presentation available. Interested delegates should contact presenters either by telephone (604) 266-3141 or by email at: thepace@vcn.bc.ca.
Michéle Aderem,
Director, PACE Program
Colleen Clancy
Co-supervisor PACE Preschool
Paul Gordon,
Co-supervisor PACE Preschool
The Healing Tribe: Relationship in Art Therapy Bronwyn, A. Chambers, BFA,
DVATI, Art Therapist
Diverse Perspectives on Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Involvement Beth Hutchinson,
Provincial Coordinator, Parent-Child
Mother Goose Program
Understanding the Social Cognitive Deficits in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Georgina Robinson, Ph.D.,
School Psychologist, Vancouver
School Board
On Wings of Song: Music Therapy and Child Health
No presentation available.
Interested delegates should contact presenter by email beautyofmusic@hotmail.com.
Angie Ji, BA,
Music Therapist
The Role of Emotions in Children’s Concurrent and Future Competence and Life Success Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, and
Angela Jaramillo, MA
Ph.D. Student, Department of Educational
and Counseling Psychology,
and Special Education, Faculty of
Education, U.B.C.
Demystifying Mental Health Services for Preschool Age Children and their FamiliesNo presentation available.
Interested delegates should contact presenters by email at
or lawella.muirhead@vch.ca,
or contacting the Alan Cashmore Centre,
3rd Floor 2805 Kingsway Vancouver V5R 5H9,
Telephone: 604-454-1676
Vera Maslove,
Family and children’s therapist,
Lawella Muirhead,
Family and community mental health
support worker and coordinator of outreach
services, Alan Cashmore Centre
Understanding the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children in Foster Care Vanessa LaPointe,
Ph.D. Candidate, School Psychology
Program, and
Megan Tardif, MA,
Student, Early Childhood
Education, Faculty of Education,.B.C.
Play Therapy Assessment and Intervention Techniques: Preschool to Eight YearsNo presentation available.
Interested delegates should contact presenter by telephone at (604) 264 1777.
Mary Ann Carter, Ph.D.,
BC Children and Women’s Health Centre; Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University Clinical Psychology Centre
Our Experiences with the Ages and Stages Questionnaire-Social/Emotional in Rural BC.No presentation available. Interested delegates should contact presenters by telephone at: Lynn – (250) 378-5331 or Mary – (250) 566-4504.
Lynn Krausert,
Infant Development Consultant,
Regional Advisor for Central South
east B.C., and
Mary Stewart, B.SC.,,
Infant Development Consultant, IDP
Regional Advisor for the North
Watch, Wait, and Wonder: A Child-Led Approach for Working with Children and Important Caregivers Nancy Cohen, Ph.D.,
Hincks-Dellcrest Institute, Toronto, Ontario
What Does it Mean?!?! A Guide to Common Measures of Social-Emotional Development in Young Children Laurie Ford, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, andCarla Merkel, Ph.D. Student, School Psychology, Faculty of Education , U.B.C.
Promoting Children’s Social and Academic Success through Mindfulness Education Nancy Fischer,
Program Developer of the program
Mindfulness Education for Children
Molly Stewart Lawlor, BA,
M.A. student,
Counseling Psychology, Faculty of Education, U.B.C.
Music Therapy: Supporting Healthy Child Development Lyn Van Lidth de Jedue,
Infant Development Consultant and
Music Therapist
Use of Narratives in Promoting Social and Emotional Development of Young Children Pratibha Reebye, M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Department of Child Psychiatry, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Vancouver
Surveillance and Screening, Partnerships and Advocacy: Integrated Services in Early Years Jill Houbé, M.D., M. Phil., Ph.D.
Candidate, FAAP, FRCP (c), Assistant
Professor, Division of Developmental
Paediatrics, Department of
Paediatrics, U.B.C.
Body Movement/Dance TherapyNo presentation available.
Interested delegates should contact presenter by email at: akemble1@telus.net.
Anna Kemble, MA, RCC, DTR,
Registered Clinical Counselor, Registered
Dance/Movement Therapist

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